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The Story

SnapNames is the #1 after-market domain registration service. It plays an essential role for customers looking for domain names that have been taken. Experience Dynamics was called in to improve conversion rates and lower the home page bounce rate.

The Challenge

Domain name registration is the most commonly understood model in the industry. Most consumers do not understand “after-market” domain name services. The SnapNames website didn’t help. For all intensive purposes it looked like a GoDaddy competitor to most visitors. How to differentiate and filter out the “noise”: consumers who were looking for plain old domain names.

The challenge:

  • Increase overall conversion rate on the home page by at least 10%.
  • Increase click-throughs of key promotional pages by at least 5%.
  • Increase click-throughs of key “staying” content (videos, buyers and sellers guides) by at least 5%.

The Strategy

Create 3 new but different home page versions with conversion-centered UX best practices and find out which one performs the best. We started out with rapid UI prototyping and followed by quickly and iteratively testing with actual end-users.

The Turning point

We realized quickly that customers were confused by home page value proposition, terminology and content blocks. By testing 3 different versions we were able to take the insights from the first version into the second and so forth.


  • User verbatim before: “If i don't renew my site, what happens to me-- how do you grab that back? Its not explained properly?”. Conclusion: This is still far too confusing!
  • User verbatim after: “Backorder- they can grab it for you - i like that, they can even help you get a name you lost”. Conclusion: Whew! Things seem to be getting clearer for prospective customers.
  • From round 1 to round 2 increase in subjective satisfaction from 80% to 95%. We’re doing something right.

The Results

After a few months, how did the site perform with live traffic?

  • 90% traffic increase for returning users.
  • New users increased, but SnapNames discovered that the number of new visitors was smaller than originally thought.
  • Confused traffic dropped 80% but overall search remained stable.

SnapNames realized they were missing valuable purchase decision information. “It was good for us to see the user testing, making decisions on data, not internal assumptions”, said Aaron Kaffen, Marketing manager.

Website: is a global ICANN Accredited registrar and leader in Domain Asset Management including Domain Auctions & Sales, Escrow, Appraisal, Registration, Brand Protection, Acquisition, Expired Name & Domain Auction Services and Portfolio Management.

View the 3 wireframe home pages that were narrowed to one candidate.