Client: NaviNet

The Story

NaviNet helps 60% of health plans in the United States address their goals of lower costs, increased efficiencies, and improved quality of patient care. The company offers products as well as a website, used in sales and marketing of the products and platform. Experience Dynamics having worked on improving usability of the companies products, was hired to improve lead generation and inbound marketing opportunities.

The Challenge

NaviNet’s website had to move from a brochure-ware approach to a robust and modern lead nurturing site. In making the site speak to potential buyers, NaviNet was also planning on launching the site in line with the official launch of their flagship platform and value-based applications suite: NaviNet Open.

The challenge:

  • Increase conversion rate on landing pages used in inbound marketing.
  • Increase click-throughs from the home page where most traffic bounces.
  • Reduce the confusion between users of the product (doctor’s office’s logging into the product portal) and new prospects (making strategic decisions for their health plans).
  • Make the new site responsive (viewable on mobile devices).

The Strategy

Leverage Experience Dynamics User Centered Design methodology. Start by interviewing prospective buyers and understand their B2B content and purchase decision needs.

Next create rapid wireframe prototypes of the new design, and get that in front of prospective customers to vet out the design direction and conversion gaps. Finally apply a visual design and develop the site (Experience Dynamics provided visual design and Drupal web development for the site).

The Turning point

The usability testing showed that B2B buyers responded positively to the new design concepts. Large text, long scrolling pages, infographics and highly visual design elements appealed to the target audience.

However, prospects were confused in the wireframe concept testing by the flagship platform-Open. What was it? Was it different to the existing products? How did it work? And the infographics are nice, but I need them to fit in a PowerPoint I can use to educate by senior management team.


  • User verbatim: “The Quiz (content idea) is nice, but it doesn’t help me understand if my organization would benefit.” Conclusion: We’re off track with that idea, better reel it in.
  • The home page wireframe concepts performed at a 67% success rate. Conclusion: This stuff is too complex even for current customers to understand. We need something that makes it easy to understand: Create a video! (Experience Dynamics created a video with actors, motion graphics and voice over that helps communicate the value proposition crisply and succinctly).

The Results

After the first month, how did the site perform with live traffic?

  • 21% increase in visitors.
  • 400% increase in new customers.
  • 23.39% increase in landing page conversion rate.
  • Stay time on site increased: 75% are staying and exploring further.
  • Home page bounce rate dropped: One year before launch 50.4% left the home page; one month after launch only 24.5% bounced.

Six months after launch, all metrics remain healthy: landing page conversion remains strong. New customer acquisitions have maintained a steady 300%-400% lift. All KPI/ metrics tracked by HubSpot are being achieved.

“We love the site! It represents our brand more powerfully and helps us connect with our key audiences. Moreover it’s moved us into really being able to use our digital channel effectively…and best of all we can see the results!”, said Chuck Digate, SVP, Sales, Marketing & Business Development.


NaviNet, Inc. is America’s largest real-time healthcare communications network, serving more than 420,000 users and over 40 health plans.

View the site BEFORE and AFTER the redesign...

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